Saturday, October 27, 2007

Saturday Savings

Guess how much I paid for these items.
Here is their original prices:
Piggies 'n' biscuits $2.96.
Coffee Mate creamer $1.32
Duncan Hines Cake Mix- .88 cents
Duncan Hines Cake Frosting $1.32
Grape Juicy Juice 46 ounces $2.42
Strawberry kiwi Juicy Juice 46 ounces $2.42
I can't believe it's not butter "mediterranean blend" $1.72
Total $13.04.
I'll post the answers soon!


Melissa said...

Living in Canada is such a drag. All the original/regular prices you posted would be almost double that here. :)

I will guess $5.15.

momofmhasr said...

I'm not sure how to guess, the frosting alone her would be $2.50.!! Let me pick a ramdom answer......$4.68? Am I right?