Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Winners of the Giveaway are....

The Winner of #1 is------- Midlife Mom.
The Winner of #2 is ------- CarolSue.
The Winner of #3 is-------- Alisha.
The Winner of #4 is-------- Jessica.
Congratulations, ladies!
Please leave me a comment on this post with your mailing address.
I will not publish your address.
Thank you to everyone who participated in these Giveaways!

Holly and Katie are having a Valentine's Day Giveaway at their blog.
Just click here to go join in the fun!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

CVS deals

We went to CVS today. Our total before coupons was $40.12 (without tax)
Our new total after we used coupons and ecbs was $4.28 (including tax.)
Plus we got $15.29 extra bucks from this transaction to use next time :)

Monday, January 28, 2008

Thank you

I recieved this gift in the mail today from my Secret Sister.
Thank you so much, Secret Sister! I will enjoy using this!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Mid-Winter Giveaways

I decided to do something different this time, I'm not hosting one but four giveaways.
Here is what you have to do to enter:
1. Post about the giveaways on your blog.
2. Leave a comment picking out your first and second choice of the giveaways.
The Giveaway will end at 2:00 p.m. on January 31st.
The winners' names will be drawn and announced on January 31st at 7:00 p.m.
International readers are welcome to join also.

Giveaway 1#
The Joy of Cooking Cookbook
An assortment of teas, cider, and cappuccino

Giveaway 2#
Mother by Kathleen Norris
Spiced Rose & Vanilla Glade Scented Oil Candle

Giveaway 3#

Manners Matter by Hermine Hartley

Twinings Black Tea Variety Pack

Giveaway 4#

Four American Girls Short Stories

Jelly Belly Assorted Pack

Friday, January 18, 2008

Keep Me Sweet
Lord, keep me sweet when I grow old
And things in life seem hard to bear,
When I feel sad and all alone
And people do not seem to care.
Oh, keep me sweet when time has caused
This body, which is not so strong,
To droop beneath its load of years
And suffering and pain have come.
And keep me sweet when I have grown
To worry so at din and noise,
And help me smile the while I watch
The noisy play of girls and boys.
Help me remember how that I,
When I was younger than today
And full of life and health and joy,
Would romp and shout in happy play.
Help me to train my heart each day,
That it will only sweetness hold;
And as the days and years roll on,
May I keep sweet as I grow old.
Oh, keep me sweet and let me look
Beyond the frets that life must hold,
To see the glad eternal joys;
Yes, keep me sweet in growing old.
Mrs. Charles F. Cowman

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

We are anxiously awaiting our first winter storm. It is supposed to snow etc. after midnight. The girls and I went to Wal Mart and stocked up on the Hot Chocolate etc. It is c-o-l-d outside. We are getting ready to leave for church, we are thankful for Arthur who comes early and makes sure it is nice and warm.
The girls did school today. It is hard to believe that Lydia graduates this year, it seems like she started yesterday. The years go by so fast. She is looking forward to finishing. Grace is in the 11th grade and Hannah is in the 7th grade. Hannah will be starting North Carolina History in a few weeks. Lydia is teaching Hannah the piano.
Allen's sister, Amanda and her husband were in a car accident last Thursday. They were on the way for Amanda's first dr's visit(she is 12 weeks along with baby no. 3). We are so thankful that they weren't hurt, just bruised. The airbags came out and Amanda 's hit the side of her face and eye, she saw spots for awhile. But praise the Lord they are fine.
My nephew, Landon's 17th birthday was Saturday, they had a birthday party at a local Mexican restaurant on Friday evening. We all enjoyed the food. The girls, Coty, and Levi stayed the night at their grandparents. They enjoyed staying up late.
Is there any snow in the forecast where you live?
Until tomorrow !

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Walgreens deal

Today, Lydia and I went to CVS and Walgreens. Here is what we bought at Walgreens.
1 Honey Bunches Of Oats on sale for $1.99
1 Coffee Mate French Vanilla Creamer $3.99
2 Glade Scented Oil candles Buy one get one free for $6.99
Total: (without tax) $12.97
We used a coupon for Free Coffee Mate creamer from this site. They sent it to us in the mail.
We used a buy one get one free for the Glade Scented Oil candle
So this is how much we paid (including tax) $2.58.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

We are getting some much needed rain today.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

CVS deal

Today, we went to CVS. Here is what we got.

I bought:


1 Tide $4.99

1 Sudafed Cold & Cough $5.99

1 Sudafed Severe Cold $4.99
1 Tylenol Cold Multi-Syptom $4.99
2 Reese's whipps $1.00 (.50 cents each)
1 Keebler's Pecan Shortbread $2.50
2 face masks .98 cents ( .49 cents each, on sale)
1 L'Oreal Paris lipgloss $2.49 (on sale)
1 Sudafed Nasal Congestant $4.99
1 card .99 cents
1 Burt's Bee lip balm .79 cents on sale
1 Johnson buddies soap .99 cents
Total $35.69 (without tax)
With coupons and extra care bucks, we paid $4.89 including tax,
we also got 11 ecbs to spend next time.
We're ready to go back to CVS again :)

Thank you

Yesterday, I received a beautiful card from my Secret Sister.
Thank you, Secret Sister!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

I found this in an antique book I was reading this week.
New Year, Begin with God.
"Begin the year with God well." says Dr. Robert E. Speer. "The beginning of the Bible is the
right beginning of time and of all times. 'In the beginning God'
If we begin with Him, we shall the more easily go on with Him.
Taking the first step by His guidance will make it easier for us to take the next,
and the next, until we have the habit of walking with Him always."
Here is the secret of making this year a year laden with possibilities of good,
a truly beautiful year.
(That was all that was written in the book for the author's name.)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A Spill!!!

Look what I did this morning while fixing breakfast!!!

A Motto for the New Year

"Go Forward"
With steadfast heart and true
Go forward on your way;
God give you strength to do
The duties of each day,
So daily may this thought
Your heart with courage fill,
"I can, because I ought,
And, by God's help, I will."