Saturday, November 1, 2008

Don't Be Neutral

A man without opinion is without courage. Jesus said, "He that is not with me is against me."

The people of Meroz were cursed because they tried to remain neutral in the day of battle (judges 5)

Born-again Christians have a fearful responsibility in this day. To be neutral is impossible. Our enemies come from two primary sources:

1. From without-Acts 20:29. This refers to modernism, apostates, blood-deniers, do-gooders and all unchristian forces. These forces are tearing away at New Testament Christianity.

2. From within-Acts 20:30. These are out for their own glory. With them it is not a matter of doing God's will, but it is a matter of having their own way.

No matter how many lies they must tell or how many innocent people get involved, no matter how many people are hardened and caused to backslide, no matter how many children are hurt, no matter how much the cause of worldwide evangelism is hurt of the cause of Christ in any way is hurt, such men (and women) are going to have their own way, come what may!

They will continue until God cuts them down! In this conjunction, remember that the wheels of God grind slowly but exceedingly fine! Our city has plenty of this kind, as do all cities and towns! Such men and women, according to the Scriptures, will pay dearly. Of this there can be no doubt.

No true Christian can join with or be a friend to any individual or organization that runs contrary to the Bible. We are led by the Bible and the Holy Spirit and not by personalities, emotionalism or personal desire.

Remember, Paul's picture of a Christian is that of a militant soldier, not that of a fawning, gossiping, cowardly, lying, tattling, backbiting, discord-sowing, preacher-hating, compromising neutralist!

You can't have the Gospel in your heart and gossip in your mouth!

Howard Kilpatrick