Thursday, October 25, 2007

The BIBLE In The Wall
Many years ago a lady in Spain wanted to do something for the Lord and decided to give away Bibles. While seeking possible recipients she came upon a man building a wall. When she discovered he had never owned a Bible, she offered him one, writing his name in it.
The man was too embarrassed to refuse it but when she left, he resolved, "I will never read this and I'll make sure no one else will either." He placed the book behind one of the stones and finished the wall, certain that at least this copy would be hidden forever.
A few years later an earthquake hit that area and an inspector, looking for damage, found a crack in the wall. He peered in and to his amazement saw the book. He carefully removed it, hurriedly turned the pages, and decided to take it home. That evening he was found earnestly studying the Word of God. Soon the inspector was on his knees thanking Jesus for dying for him. He yielded his life to his new-found Saviour and became a distributor for the Bible society in Spain, selling God's Word from town to town.
It was not long before he came upon a stonemason and offered him a Bible at a very low cost. The man told him he had sealed in a wall the only Bible he had ever owned. The distributor drew from his pocket the very Bible and glancing at the fly leaf told the man his name. The startled laborer sat down and listened to the distributor's story. Then he too decided to have a closer look at this strange book.
The power of the printed Word of God was again made manifest as the stoneworker also became a Christian and eventually a missionary in a foreign land where for many years he labored faithfully for his Saviour.
I found this story in a book that was given to us.


Happymama said...

LOL, you cannot hide God's WORD!!! And you cannot run from God!!! Wow, that gave me chill bumps. LOL


Lisa said...

That was a great story. Thanks for sharing this!

The Sisters said...

We Enjoyed the Story! Thanks for sharing it with us!

~Have a great weekend~