Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Photo

Here is a photo of our family that was taken last night.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Total before coupons and ecbs $70.41
Total after coupons and ecbs $5.18

Monday, December 1, 2008


It is hard to believe but I haven't updated my blog in a month. So, I thought I would give an update this morning. I trust everyone had a good Thanksgiving and I know everyone had plenty to eat and lots of fun time with our families. The Lord has truly blessed each and everyone of us.

The girls and I left the house at 3:15am on Friday morning to go to the stores in Hickory for their early morning shopping. We had alot of fun and we were back in Taylorsville by 10 am to drop Lydia off at the Bank where she works. We got some great deals and even had time to stop at CVS and get alot of their early morning deals

We actually had Thanksgiving Dinner on Friday evening. All of my husband's family came and ate with us. I think I counted 22 people that evening. It was a good evening with lots of games and talking. I would post photo's but the camera's batteries were dead.

Saturday morning we took a group of Teen Girls to Concord Mills and spent the day. Janie and I had alot of fun shopping with them. We tried on loads of purfume and lotion. I think we went into about every store there. We got Back in time for Anthony's birthday party.

We had good services yesterday at Church. We are practicing for our Christmas Play and it is coming along well. The younger kids are doing great on their singing. Our Play is the Sunday before Christmas and we still have alot of practicing left to do.

We will be starting back to school today and Grace has been studying alot. She had 2 Tests that she will be taking this month and next. She is trying to get everything ready for College this next school year.

Hannah fell 3 weeks ago and broke her left arm. She has 2 weeks left until we go back to the dr. again and they talked like they will put a splint on it then. She was in alot of pain the first week but she has been fine since. She is left-handed so we had to write for her until she could do it.

Well I guess I had better go for now and finish the ironing. Have a wonderful day!!!