Monday, October 15, 2007

The answer to the previous post is $2.89
using coupons.
Betty Crocker icing
Original price $1.16, I paid .61.
Tetley Family size tea bags
Original price $1.28, I paid .28
Robitussin cough cold/flu
Original price $4.68, I paid $1.68.
Coffee Mate original creamer
Original price $1.32, I paid .32.
2 Clorox anywhere hard surface
Original price 2.72 apiece, I paid $0.00
using a coupon $3.00 off apiece.
I'm sorry for not posting this sooner but we
have been very busy the last few days.


Happymama said...

WOW, that was a terrific deal!!!! Did you use a store honoring double coupons?


Lisa said...

You got some really good bargains.