Thursday, October 4, 2007

My name in Letters

C H DSC01579.JPG R L L
Do yours here


Happymama said...

That looks like know I have to go try it now. lol

I saw on the girl's blog where y'all were at Kings Mountain Battleground. We're literally just minutes from there. Next time y'all come this way, let me know and we'll meet! :)


Karen said...

I like that; very good.

deb said...

I like your new autumn colors, Chyrll.

Leah's Kitchen said...

Nice blog, Chyrll! I just stopped over for a little peek around, but I'll be back! Thanks for joining Leah's Recipe Exchange! =)

~ Leah

HsKubes said...

How neat! I'm off to try it, too.

Thank you for the birthday wishes for Beth. ;o)

~ Christina

The Sisters said...

How Neat! We will have to try it.
Have a great weekend!