Sunday, June 3, 2007

What God Can Do


There is no saying what God will do,

As He works for me and He works for you;

He knows no limit to power or skill;

There is naught with standeth His word or will;

He knoweth not "problem" or such like word,

For He is Almighty, the sovereign Lord.

There is no saying what God may do

On behalf of those who to Him are true,

Who, with all their soul, their heart and mind,

Would in His glad service their true joy find;

No, there's no saying what God may do

For such of His children---this, friend, means you.

So, if we know not what God may do,

Shall we brace ourselves to have faith anew?

Some glad suprise He may send to-day,

Or remove some block from the now blocked way;

He is omnipotent, and can do

The impossible thing for me and you.


Happymama said...

Amen! I can certainly relate to this poem.