Thursday, June 28, 2007

Life with braces
The previous post with the picture of Hannah is of her with her bracket stuck on the pillow.
Autumn got it right! It was definitely hard not to laugh at her as she was calling for me to get the pillow off her bracket :)
We have been going to Campmeeting for the past two weeks.
It will end on Friday night. My husband spoke last Wednesday morning.
We have enjoyed getting to see old friends and meeting new ones.
We are hoping to go next week to the Asheboro Zoo with all of Allen's family.
We haven't been there since Lydia and Grace were little.
We are planning to bring a picnic lunch.
Hannah and I got all the housecleaning done this morning, while everyone else was at Campmeeting. We even got all the ironing done and Hannah planted some wildflower seeds. Allen has taken Grace back for a checkup on her wrist. They drained her Ganglion Cyst
about 2 months ago. She had to wear a brace on her wrist for 4 weeks. She has gone without her brace for 6 weeks now. It looks so much better.
Bye for now,