Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happy 400th, Jamestown

We have seen alot of pictures of Jamestown this week. We have enjoyed the pictures over at Mountain Musings. So I decided to post some of our pictures when we were in Jamestown and Williamsburg last year.

Jamestown Fort

the Discovery
Hannah and Grace on one of the ships.



A colonial house

This is behind the colonial house.

The girls and the Union Jack. (British flag)



deb said...

Chyrll ~I enjoyed seeing your pics! Of course, my favorite is the white picket fence one with the garden flowers. Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

HsKubes said...

Great photos. We went to Jamestown and Colonial Williamsburg for the first time this year. We enjoyed it a lot! I enjoyed looking at your photos. ;o)
Hope you had a blessed Lord's Day.

~ Christina

Happymama said...

Loved that last picture. I need one of those here at the house. LOL hehehe


Karen said...

I remember you showed me these pictures not too long ago.
They are very nice.
God Bless.