Saturday, January 19, 2008

Mid-Winter Giveaways

I decided to do something different this time, I'm not hosting one but four giveaways.
Here is what you have to do to enter:
1. Post about the giveaways on your blog.
2. Leave a comment picking out your first and second choice of the giveaways.
The Giveaway will end at 2:00 p.m. on January 31st.
The winners' names will be drawn and announced on January 31st at 7:00 p.m.
International readers are welcome to join also.

Giveaway 1#
The Joy of Cooking Cookbook
An assortment of teas, cider, and cappuccino

Giveaway 2#
Mother by Kathleen Norris
Spiced Rose & Vanilla Glade Scented Oil Candle

Giveaway 3#

Manners Matter by Hermine Hartley

Twinings Black Tea Variety Pack

Giveaway 4#

Four American Girls Short Stories

Jelly Belly Assorted Pack


Jenna Z said...

Ooh, I've just blogged your lovely contest and I would most enjoy package 1 or package 4, I LOVE cookbooks and children's book!

Happymama said...

Ewww! Count me in!!! But I don't know what two to pick, they're all good.

I'm going to go with numbers 1 and 2. I love to cook and I love good cookbooks AND, I believe that book "MOTHER" I spotted in Vision Forum!


Ethel said...

hey Chyrll, count me in too. I'll go for number 2 and 3

Summer Girl said...

hey this is taylor!! kristi's friend. i am going with 2 and 4!!! my blog is called taylor's blog if you want ot stop by and check it out

Sharon said...

I found your blog by way of Kristi. I've posted on my blog about your giveaway. I'd pick #1 and #2.
I'll be back for more visits! :-)
Have a blessed weekend!

Amy Ellen said...


I would love to enter your giveaway. I would have to say 4 would be my first choice and 2 my second.

Jodi said...

Hi Chyrll, what a generous giveaway. I would love to be entered. I would pick #2 as my first choice and #1 as my second choice.

Karen said...

Hi chyrll,
Thanks for hosting another giveaway. Please enter me for giveaway 2 and 4. Thanks.

The Sisters said...

Hi Chyrll,
This is very nice of you! We would like to enter this giveaway.
Our first choice is #1 then #2.


Melissa said...

Hi this is Melissa, I found your blog through the 2 Sister's blog! These are all very cute gifts, my favorite is number 4 and 2!!!!


Jessica said...

It was a bit difficult to decide but my first choice is #3 and my second choice is #4 (we love Jelly Bellys).

Amy J said...

Hi! I'm Amy and I've posted your giveaway on my blog (thank you since I may have broken my arm and can't post much right now!) All great gifts, but I would pick 1 or 2! Thank you!

Alisha said...

Hello my name is Alisha, I am a friend of Melissa and I found your blog through hers. What nice gifts. I would have to say my favorites are #3 and #4. Check out my blog "At a Glance"

haert2home said...

What a sweet thing to do! I'd love to be entered in Giveaway #2 and #4.

Thank you so much for your kindness.


dodo said...

Giveaway #1 is my first and Giveaway #2 is my second.

Stacey Moore said...

I would love to win #2, and then #4!! thanks so much for a great giveawy!! i have blogged it here:

Lisa said...

I posted your giveaway on my blog spot.I would like to put my name in for giveaway #1 and #2.Thanks for hosting a giveaway. :)

Mississippi Songbird said...

I posted your giveaway on my blog. please count me in too. My first choice is #1, and my second choice is #4.
Thanks a bunch. Your site is so neat..

sassy2 said...

I am so excited I like #1 and #4. They are all great, it was hard to decide!!!

Midlife Mom said...

I'm here via Mississippi Songbird and I want to throw my hat in the ring!! #1 would be my first choice and #2 my second but they are all good. Thanks for having such a fun give away, I'll be back!!

Mrs. C said...

Oooh! What fun! Please count me in. :)

All of these "packages" are fantastic, but I would have to go with #4 and #1. My girls love all things American Girl, so they're pulling for that one. :)

Mrs. C

Nonna said...

Please count me in!
I love packet # 1(I love cookbooks!) and packet # 4. I love American Girls too.

I'll post about your giveaway to my blog right now!


Anonymous said...

#1 and #4!!!
What a great giveaway...

Kim (momofneb) said...

Thank you so much for this great giveaway!~ I chose #2 and #4. My daughter LOVES anything to do with Aerican Girl!


Pat said...

I love your blog and this is a great giveaway. I got here from momofnebs blog. I choose #1 or #2 and I am posting about your giveaway on my blog.

Missy said...

Hi! Thanks for this awesome giveaway! I think all four are first choice is #1 and second is #3.


KC said...

Hello.. This is my 1st time to your blog. Heard about your give away on another blog I read.. I really like your blog and plan to stop back by.
Thanks for hosting this give away.. I'll be heading right over to my blog to let other know about it.
My 1st choice is #4 and my 2nd choice is #2
Thanks Again.

Kim said...

hello nice to meet you, I think this is a great idea, you can find my two blogs at

I like number 3 as I have three little kids and adopting our fourth and we need manners. I like the pouty little girl that is cute

and I like 4 because we are adopting a little girl from Ethiopia who is 5 and I think in the future these books will be cute.


HsKubes said...

I posted about your giveaway, too.
I'd love to be included.
#2 is my 1st choice and then #1 is my 2nd. ;o)
Thank you so much for hosting this.

Enjoy your weekend ~

devildogwife said...

I've posted a link to your giveaway. I'm most interested in #1 and #3. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!!

Kaila's Mommy said...

i love American Girls! Always have since I was little. I will blog about your contest soon! Thanks!!

Kaila's Mommy said...

I posted!

Amanda said...

#3 is my first chioce! I blogged you, also be sure to check out my contest

momofmhasr said...

Thanks for doing this, what a great mid-winter pick me up!
First choice is #2, second is #3.

Anonymous said...

Please enter me into the drawing for Giveaway #2.

Thank you.


I blogged your contest on this post:

Marcia and Joey said...

Wow, this is great! I like #1 and #3.


Anonymous said...

Nice prizes! I'd go for #2, then #3.
I posted your contest on my Blog also.

Stacie said...

That is so nice of you!
I would most enjoy #1 and #4.