Saturday, January 5, 2008

I found this in an antique book I was reading this week.
New Year, Begin with God.
"Begin the year with God well." says Dr. Robert E. Speer. "The beginning of the Bible is the
right beginning of time and of all times. 'In the beginning God'
If we begin with Him, we shall the more easily go on with Him.
Taking the first step by His guidance will make it easier for us to take the next,
and the next, until we have the habit of walking with Him always."
Here is the secret of making this year a year laden with possibilities of good,
a truly beautiful year.
(That was all that was written in the book for the author's name.)


Happymama said...

Loving the look of your blog. And I love the post. What truth. If only we would begin with God in all things!