Friday, January 18, 2008

Keep Me Sweet
Lord, keep me sweet when I grow old
And things in life seem hard to bear,
When I feel sad and all alone
And people do not seem to care.
Oh, keep me sweet when time has caused
This body, which is not so strong,
To droop beneath its load of years
And suffering and pain have come.
And keep me sweet when I have grown
To worry so at din and noise,
And help me smile the while I watch
The noisy play of girls and boys.
Help me remember how that I,
When I was younger than today
And full of life and health and joy,
Would romp and shout in happy play.
Help me to train my heart each day,
That it will only sweetness hold;
And as the days and years roll on,
May I keep sweet as I grow old.
Oh, keep me sweet and let me look
Beyond the frets that life must hold,
To see the glad eternal joys;
Yes, keep me sweet in growing old.
Mrs. Charles F. Cowman


Lisa said...

Beautiful post Chryll. I have always strived to be sweet to everyone even thoughs who are not nice. Kill them with kindness.Stay warm and enjoy your weekend.Hugs Lisa

Des said...

I really like that poem you wrote, funny thing is that I have been thinking about this very thing. A woman who lived at the Lodge where I volunteer, passed away suddenly. I was sad, because she was soooo sweet, and always passing out hugs as she thought needed. She couldn't remember what happened 5 minutes ago, but her character still came shining through. Looking at your blog about how cold it is outside, right now I am waiting for the truck to warm up for church, just checked, it is minus 1 degree F. Poor truck.