Saturday, April 28, 2007

Our week

I was up before 7 a.m. this morning and it is such a beautiful day outside. It is just right for my husband to mow the grass and clean up the yard. We are having Lydia,Grace and Greg's birthday party here tonight. Everyone will want to play a game of volleyball:)
Hannah and I will be flying up to Syracuse, N.Y. on Monday. My sister has been in the hospital for Nearly 2 weeks and got out on Wednesday afternoon. She had the flu, pnemonia, and her sugar level went up to 1800. She didn't know she was a diabetic, she is on insulin 4 times a day now. So, we are going up to spend time with her and the family, we will be flying home on Saturday. Keep us in your prayers.
My husband preached for Bro. Steve at their Tuesday night service. The title of the sermon was " Pass the Salt" the verse was Matthew 5:13. He will be preaching for Bro. Jim in the Morning Service and back to our home church for the evening service.
The girls had a good birthday. Lydia received 2 flower arrangements for her 16th birthday, she told me later that she was wanting flowers and the Lord answered her prayer! They get their presents tonight at the party. We thank the Lord for our girls, they are a blessing to us.
My husband's great uncle died on Thursday night. He and his parents went down to see the family last night. We just got word that his wife died last night, she was sick with cancer. They are not in pain any longer. Thank the Lord they are both in Heaven. They will have the funeral for them on Monday.
Well I guess I'd better go and get things ready for the party. Hannah and I will have to pack, we went yesterday to get what Lydia and Grace needed for the meals. They will be taking care of their dad and the animals while we are gone. Take care and have a good week. I will be posting when Hannah and I return.


Karen said...

I'm sure the girls will enjoy their party.
I am glad that those 2 people were saved.They are alot better off now.
I hope you enjoy your time with your sister. God Bless.

HsKubes said...

Praying as you and Hannah travel and spend time with your sister.

How precious that Lydia had an answer to prayer for her birthday. Those "little things" mean so much! I love how the Lord cares about those things.

I'm sorry to hear of the deaths in y'all's family. We had something similar happen a few years ago. My uncle passed away of cancer (and other illness) and then a few months later my aunt (his wife) passed away from cancer. They are both with the Lord now and no longer suffering. Said a prayer for y'all and your husband's family.

Hope y'all had a wonderful birthday celebration. Happy birthday to the birthday girls.

Oh, thank you for visiting my blog today. I appreciated your comment.

Have a blessed Lord's Day!
~ Christina

Three Sisters Blog said...

Thanks for the great Birthday Party MOM!!!!!!!!!!!


Happymama said...

I'll be praying for traveling mercies and for your sister. 1800 is terribly high. I do hope she's able to stabilize her sugar soon. I'm sure your help to her will be much appreciated.

I was sorry to hear about your husband's uncle and aunt, however, what a sweet thought to know they joined each other in Heaven so shortly after his homegoing.

I hope you're getting settled in the states!