Friday, April 27, 2007

God Wants a Man
God wants a man-honest and true and brave;
A man who hates the wrong and loves the right;
A man who scorns all compromise and sin,
Who for the truth courageously will fight.
God wants a man-in lowly walk or high,
Who to the world by daily life wil prove
That Christ abides within the yielded heart,
Fitting that heart for service and for love.
God wants a man who dares to tell the truth,
Who in the market-place will stand four-square;
Whose word men trust-a man who never stoops
To hurt his fellow or to act unfair.
God wants a man of action and of faith,
Whose life is something more than cant and talk;
Who lives each day as though it were his last,
And proves his faith by a consistent walk.