Monday, April 16, 2007

I read this little story today,

Scripture Twist
An art enthusiast in New York had on the walls of his office
an outstanding collection of etchings, including one of the
Leaning Tower of Pisa. For a long time he noticed that it
persisted in hanging crooked, despite the fact that he straightened
it every morning. At last he spoke to the lady who
cleaned up the room each night, asking her if she was responsible
for its lopsided condition. "Why, yes," she said, "I have
to hang it crooked to make the tower hang straight!" In the
same fashion some twist the Scriptures in order to justify their
own opinions or to make their imperfect lives appear right.
Let us beware of thus deceitfully handling the Word of God,
for to distort its meaning in order to fit our preconceived
ideas is a dangerous practice and a terrible sin.


Karen said...

There is alot of truth in this story isn't there. I pray i never be guilty of this. God Bless.