Saturday, June 28, 2008

New Every Morning
Yes, "new every morning,"
though we may awake,
Our hearts with old sorrow
beginning to ache;
With old work unfinished
when night stayed our hand;
With new duties waiting,
unknown and unplanned;
With old care still pressing,
to fret and to vex;
With new problems rising,
our minds to perplex;
In ways long familiar,
in paths yet untrod;
Oh, new every morning
the mercies of God!
His faithfulness fails not,
it meets each new day;
New guidance for every
new step of the way;
New grace for new trials,
new trust for old fears;
New patience for bearing
the wrongs of the years;
New strength for new burdens,
new courage for old;
New faith for whatever
the day may unfold;
As fresh for each need
as the dew on the sod;
Oh, new every morning
the mercies of God!
Annie Johnson Flint


Happymama said...

I'm so glad you posted this. I just had a conversation with a close friend about God's mercies being new every morning. I'll have to print this off for her. Thanks!


Lisa said...

That was beautiful. Thanks for sharing it. Have a great summer.Lisa`