Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lydia's High School Graduation

Lydia's Senior Pictures

On May 17, Lydia graduated. She has completed 12 years of Home-Schooling.
We started home-schooling her while we lived in Londonderry, Northern Ireland.
(We were missionaries in Northern Ireland for twelve years.)
We were privileged to have Bro. Mark Bradfield and his wife Monica from Londonderry, Northern Ireland, here for Lydia's Graduation. Bro. Mark and Monica were with us for a few days and we enjoyed their visit. Bro. Mark is the pastor of Bethel Baptist Church in Londonderry, where we were at for 7 years. They were a blessing and Bro. Mark spoke at the Graduation and preached at our church on May 18.
Lydia is now doing internship at our local bank in town and she loves it. Here are photos taken after the ceremony..
Lydia's Gift Table
The Food Table
Lydia's Cake that Faye made
Lydia cutting the cake
The Teen Table Chasity and Lydia
Ott, Janie and Lydia
Shelby and Lydia
Lydia's Grandparent's

Lydia and her Uncle Philip

Faye and Lydia

Winford, Nadine and Lydia
Bro. Mark and Monica


Lisa said...

Congratulations to Lydia! I know you are very proud of her.May god Bless her in all she does.Best wishes. Lisa~

Karen said...

The pictures are really nice.
Everyone looked like they had a good time.

The Sisters said...

Those are wonderful pictures of Lydia! Congratulations Lydia!!


Happymama said...

Congratulations, Lydia. Looks like your parents gave you a great party. Everyone looks like they're having a lot of fun. You looked great in your pictures!

~Mrs. Kristi

Jennifer said...

I came across your blog and loved reading it!! God bless and congrats on your daughter finishing school!!

The Sisters said...

Hi Chyrll,
Your new template looks great!

~Have a nice day!