Thursday, September 27, 2007

Random Facts about my Kitchen and Dining Room.
My kitchen is wood at the bottom and flowered wallpaper at the top.
The counter-tops are a mauve pink. I have wood cabinets.
It is nice and roomy. The one thing I like about my dining room is the spacious
cabinets and a mauve pink countertop. I have 3 daughters, so there is usually four women in the kitchen. Our dining room is also our school room. Here is a view of some of my things.

This is displaying my china teacups and suacers.

This is a picture of my teacups and saucers that my Mom got when she got married. 44 years ago. She gave them to me a number of years ago.
Here are a couple of pictures that are in my dining room.


This is my favorite piece of furniture.

Grace decorated my refrigerator with one of her calligraphy pieces.
Here are some peaches from South Carolina. That we got when we were
coming home from Georgia.

My Thomas Kinkade teapot.


Lisa said...

I look forward to the swap. Seems like we have known each other alot longer and we do have a lot in common. I loved that table with chair piece.It all looks nice.I love peaches :) Have a nice evening. Lisa

Happymama said...

My mother loves teapots and Thomas Kinkade. She would love your teapot. lol

And I love your favorite piece of furniture. What is it called?


Karen said...

Very nice pictures Chyrll.
You have some very nice things.
God Bless.