Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Father's Hand
While through this changing world below
I would not choose my path to go;
'Tis Father's hand that leadeth me,
Then O how safe His child must be.
Sometimes we walk in sunshine bright,
Sometimes in darkness of the night;
Sometimes the way I cannot see
But Father's hand still leadeth me.
Sometimes there seems no way to take,
But Father's hand a way doth make.
Sometimes I hear Him gently say,
"Come, follow Me, this is the way."
Why should I mind the way I go?
His way is best for me, I know.
He is my strength, my truth, my way,
He is my comfort, rod, and stay.
So on we travel hand in hand,
Bound for the heavenly promised land.
Always through all Eternity,
I'll praise His name for leading me.
Ida L. Cornett