Thursday, May 17, 2007

Yesterday, we did a tour of the Hiddenite Center, and I liked this writing desk.

I will give everyone a quick update on my sister, Kathy. She went back to the doctor yesterday and they took her I.V. line out, so no more antibioctics. They changed her insulin, and told her she can start back to her cleaning jobs. She is gaining back her energy, we thank the Lord for her recovery. A big THANK YOU everyone for remembering her in PRAYER!!!!!!
We are looking forward to Church on Sunday. It will be the Church's 41st anniversary. We will have dinner afterwards, so I am in the planning stages of what I will be bringing. So far I will make a Corn Bread Salad, Chicken Casserole, I am still thinking about a good Dessert, if anyone has any ideas just let me know.
There was an Evangelist at Church last night, he sends tracts all around the world. He had a display set up with lots of tracts for people to give out. He did a great job preaching last night as well. He preached about people putting things before the Lord, and how we should stand for the truth and not compromise. It was a blessing! Allen's sister and family came to our house after Church for some Chicken Casserole, etc. Amanda made Brownies which we enjoyed with ice cream. Until Next time have a wonderful day.


HsKubes said...

Rejoicing in the answer to prayer for your sister.

Have a blessed Lord's Day this weekend.

~ Christina