Monday, March 31, 2008

Walmart deal

Today, my husband Allen and Lydia went to Walmart. Here is what they bought.


1 pack of Orbit "Sweet Mint" gum .96 cents

1 Clean and Clear Invisible Acne Patch $2.00 (clearance aisle)

3 Glade PlugInsScented Oil Warmers $7.41 ($2.47 each)

Total (including tax) $11.07

They used:

1 - 2.00 off Clean and Clear coupon

3 - $3.00 off a PlugIns Glade Scented Oil Warmer


New Total (including tax) .07 cents


Happymama said...

You are gradually becoming my coupon hero! LOL


The Sisters said...

You guys always get the best deals!!(:

~Have a nice evening!

Karen said...

Wow! That is a bargain.