Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Is-
The sweetest carol ever sung
Proclaimed my Saviour's birth,
As hosts of angels hovered o'er
The Lord of Heaven and earth.
It matters not the month He came,
Nor yet the day nor hour;
The glorious truth is that this babe
Was God in all His power.
I cannot comprehend, I'm sure,
That mother's pondered thought,
As she in silence gazed upon
This Son her labour brought.
And then a song burst from her heart
In praise to God above
That of all maidens He chose her
To bear this Son of love.
There is no voice of mortal tongue
That can express the joy
That then was show'red upon the world
In that wee Baby Boy.
But baby boys will soon grow up,
And hers was no exception.
As years flew by she was amazed
At His all-wise perception.
How sacrilegious seems to be
This crass commercial din
The world has stooped to thus employ
To honour such a King!
The love of God for sinful man-
Oh, hear the clarion call!
Gift giving's but a symbol of
The greatest Gift of all!
In silence let me bow my knees
And bare my heart to Heaven
To say I want no other gift
Than what to me's been given
He is my King! My holy King!
I'm in His family.
Yet I'm a princess of no worth
Beyond His love for me.
This fact is such a precious truth,
I've scarcely breath to tell,
That He would go to such great length
To rescue me from Hell.
No wonder songs and praise break forth;
To Him 'tis more than due!
Tongues cannot find words to proclaim
His love for me-AND you!
Marea Jones Raley
Merry Christmas!


The Sisters said...

Merry Christmas to You and Your Family!